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March 30, 2020
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Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. When it comes to health care, entrepreneurs don’t always get the best deal. The average monthly expense for family coverage ranges from $1,200 to $1,500.

In Missouri, the Roth family is one of those small business owners. Five years ago, Michael Roth left a full-time career in criminal justice to start a probation supervision service to help clients change their lives for the better.

It meant a switch from typical health care to membership in the Christian Healthcare Ministry, a nonprofit ministry where members submit medical bills for reimbursement. Depending on the program level and eligibility guidelines, expenses are shared between members and reimbursed by check.

The Roth’s augment that coverage with a Global Rescue TotalCareSMmembership.

“The Christian Healthcare Ministry recommended Global Rescue along with it,” said Christina Roth, a mother of two.

As you can imagine, the Roths are focused on preventative care to avoid unnecessary doctor appointments. But when her son, Trenton, developed a worsening skin condition on his nose — on a Friday before a long weekend, no less — Christina knew “we should probably have that looked at.”

She remembered that TotalCare offered virtual visits with a doctor and two were included with her membership.

“We had TotalCare for a year, but never used the service before,” Christina said. “Otherwise we were looking at a late-night urgent care visit.”

She called, detailed the situation and was connected to a doctor. A video appointment was a new experience for the family.

“Trenton was reluctant to talk to the doctor at first,” Christina said. “But she was so kind and her demeanor really helped him relax.”

The only difficulty was “getting good lighting so she could see what she needed,” Christina said. Once they did, “she was able to identify my son’s skin condition and prescribe a cream for him to use. She told us that if it didn’t work to let her know and we’ll try something else.”

Christina used an app to get the prescription (and save a few dollars as well).

“The process was seamless. The cream worked and she called the next day to check in,” she said. “And I did not have to make an appointment and wait for him to get into a visit.”

Would the Roths recommend TotalCare to other families?

“We have already,” Christina said.

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