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TotalCare When We Needed It

January 15, 2021
Categories: Safety, Health, Member Testimonials

Kenneth Richard, a retired pilot and current sailor, travels frequently. But when he needed Global Rescue, Richard wasn’t in the air or on the ocean — he was at home in Washington.

A five-year Global Rescue member, Richard recently signed up for a TotalCareSM membership. This provided Richard and his wife Susan access to virtual urgent care services they could utilize anywhere, even from home.

“I was just sitting at home when I started to feel pressure on my chest and had difficulty breathing,” Richard said. “So I called.”

A member of the 24/7/365 Global Rescue operations team answered the call and put him in touch with a medical professional immediately.

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“He listened to what I had to say, asked me some questions about how I was feeling and asked for the data on the Global Rescue health monitor,” Richard said. “The recommendation was to take 325 mg of aspirin, prepare a medication list for emergency services and get to the hospital immediately for an evaluation.”

Richard called 9-1-1 and was transported to his local hospital. He passed all tests with no sign of cardiac problems.

“The prompt response was great,” he said. “I felt like I was getting the best care experience, and there was a special person who had taken ownership of my situation and made my decision so much easier.”

The doctor followed Richard’s case to conclusion, making sure he was receiving the right care.

“Later that day I received a phone call from the same person who I had spoken with earlier, just to follow up,” he said. “What a wonderful experience to be at home, be able to get a timely recommendation — and then be checked on!”

The experience turned this longtime member into a lifetime member.

“You do not have to be on a mountain or some remote location to benefit from a Global Rescue membership. This one call verified that my membership with Global Rescue is the right way for me and my family to ensure our peace of mind,” Richard said. “We do travel a great deal so we will not be without Global Rescue, whether on the road or at home.”

Whether you’re at home, work or traveling, immediate access to telehealth services through a Global Rescue TotalCare membership is one important way travelers — and non-travelers — can get peace of mind.

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