Emergency in Argentina — “Global Rescue was over the top!”

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April 3, 2015

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Fishing with an eye patch — Mary Innocenzi in Argentina (photo courtesy of Barry & Cathy Beck)

Barry and Cathy Beck organize trips for small groups in pursuit of the best fly fishing and photographic opportunities. They recently shared the story below about Global Rescue on their blog:

“We are in Argentina writing about Global Rescue from personal experience. A few days ago, Mary Innocenzi had trouble removing a contact lens after a particularly windy, dusty, day on the Malleo River. Her eyes were dry and scratchy when she got back to the lodge, but didn’t think too much about it. The next morning she had excruciating pain on the left side of her face and couldn’t open her left eye. We decided to take her into the clinic in San Martin de los Andes. On the way we learned that she had Global Rescue medical evacuation coverage so we called them from my cell phone in the car.

“We had heard reports about how good Global Rescue is in extreme medical emergencies and I wondered how this would go. We certainly had an emergency, but it wasn’t like a fractured pelvis in the middle of Bolivia or something like that. We were in a comfortable vehicle a few minutes away from good medical care. Well, I have to tell you that our experience with Global Rescue was over the top. Not only did they stay in constant contact with us, but they wanted to know all the details of treatment and were very concerned about Mary’s condition. Even after seeing a doctor in the local clinic and returning to the lodge, Global Rescue called several times to follow up on Mary and the treatment. We were all very impressed and decided right then and there that this is the medical evacuation company we want in any emergency while traveling anywhere!

“Mary suffered a cut cornea and has not had a comfortable week, but she continues to fish with an eye patch and she says it’s getting better everyday.”

Thanks for sharing this story, Barry and Cathy. We wish you a speedy recovery, Mary!



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