Employee of Engineering Firm Rescued from a Close Call in Kuwaiti Hospital

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October 12, 2009

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An employee of a large engineering firm was working on assignment in Kuwait City when he experienced shortness of breath, general weakness and significant weight loss. 

The man’s condition deteriorated dramatically after he was admitted to a local hospital. He was suffering from an elevated heart rate and pneumonia. The diagnosis was an abnormal level of thyroid hormone in the blood stream, a condition that is often fatal if not treated quickly. 

Immediately after the diagnosis was rendered, the engineering firm that employed the patient contacted Global Rescue, which immediately dispatched a critical care paramedic to his bedside. 

After the paramedic informed Global Rescue’s medical team about the care the engineer was receiving, Global Rescue and Johns Hopkins physicians determined that the Kuwaiti facility was unable to effectively treat the case. The Kuwaiti staff had administered high doses of calcium channel blockers to slow down his heart rate, but slowed it to such a degree that his circulatory system nearly collapsed. Consequently, the staff turned to a medication that accelerated his heart rate. As the patient continued to deteriorate, Global Rescue prepared an immediate evacuation to the nearest Center of Excellence, located in Istanbul, since it was unlikely the patient would survive the long flight home to the United States. 

He was transported to Turkey aboard a medically equipped aircraft and admitted to the hospital’s critical care unit. 

Once admitted, Global Rescue arranged to have him evaluated by a renowned American cardiologist. In addition, the CEO of the Turkish hospital,at Global Rescue’s request, visited the patient and to ensure that he would benefit from the most qualified oversight that the Hopkins-affiliated institution had to offer.

The patient underwent a transoesophygeal cardioversion, an invasive but very effective way to restore a heart rhythm, and his thyroid condition was brought under control with medication. Once he was stable enough to fly, Global Rescue transported the patient back to his home in Arizona,where he is recovering as an outpatient in his home hospital.


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