Global Rescue was recently contacted by a member who had suffered a suspected stroke while skiing in Chambery, France.  He was immediately transported to a local hospital where he was admitted.  To ensure the patient received the best possible treatment, the decision was made to immediately deploy a Global Rescue paramedic to the patient’s bedside. Once on the ground, the paramedic was able to work with local doctors and communicate test results to Global Rescue’s waiting medical team and specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Given the severity of the injury, it was decided that the best course of action was to transport the member to Geneva, where he would be able to receive improved diagnostics and treatment, prior to transporting him home.  After receiving stabilizing care in Switzerland,  the member was judged well enough to be transported back to his home hospital in Scotland. Due to his condition he was unable to travel by air so Global Rescue’s deployed paramedic escorted him by train to his home in Scotland. The member and his family arrived safely in Edinburgh and were promptly seen by the Head of Neurology.