Forbes magazine’s Brian Wingfield profiles Global Rescue and its work in Egypt:

Thousands of foreign nationals have reportedly crammed into the Cairo airport for evacuation from the turmoil in Egypt. But a select group of them started leaving last last Friday, when the protests first reached a boiling point.

Privileged diplomats? Nope. They’re clients of Global Rescue, a Boston-based firm that specializes in providing security, evacuation and medical services to clients in some of the world’s hot spots. The company is under contract to evacuate approximately 200 people from Egypt, primarily in Cairo and Alexandria. Most are corporate clients–Global Rescue won’t release client names without permission–though some are affiliated with academic institutions, and not all are Americans.

 As of Monday morning, about 25% of the firm’s clients had been evacuated, says Global Rescue founder and CEO Daniel Richards. The remainder are expected to be out by Tuesday night.

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