Page 1 of the Boston Globe on Monday, Sept. 2, 2013, included a feature story on Global Rescue. The article, headlined “World’s perils give rise to a rescue business,” leads with Global Rescue’s recent Egypt evacuations and also touches upon the firm’s prior operations there during the Arab Spring in 2011 as well as other missions around the world in countries including Haiti and Japan.

An excerpt from the article:

At a time when companies are sending employees to every corner of the globe and adventure travelers are seeking thrills in droves, Global Rescue’s evacuation and medical assistance services are in great demand. The prevalence of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and civil uprisings also means travelers are more likely to find themselves in crisis.

“You start collecting the data and looking at the direction all these numbers are going in, and there’s kind of a disturbing parity,” said Dan Richards, the former private equity investor who started Global Rescue in 2004. “We’re responding to a need that is real and growing.”

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