When a medical emergency strikes far from home, attempting to make the best possible decisions for your own health or a loved one’s health can be challenging, even terrifying. Recently a Global Rescue member wrote to share her appreciation of Global Rescue in a time of need:

This past April, my husband and I needed the services of Global Rescue. Your team was extraordinary.

In April, we met friends in Bangkok for our long-anticipated trip to Bhutan. Unfortunately, my husband, Bob Corbin, had developed a fever and a urine infection while still at home in Los Angeles. Because of a misdiagnosis, we left on the trip, not knowing that the true diagnosis was e-coli.

Bob received a telephone call at 3 AM from his internist in Los Angeles, informing him that he had an e-coli infection in his bladder and kidneys and needed to get to a hospital immediately. We called Global Rescue, which directed us to the Bumrungrad International Hospital. Throughout the ordeal, your staff was professional, informative, and available to assist us through a difficult and frightening situation in a foreign country. Global Rescue’s Operations team helped us navigate the hospital and obtain the medical records that we needed for reimbursement, and worked with our Geographic Expeditions (GeoEx) advisor to reschedule various airplane trips to finally get us back to Los Angeles.

We returned home in time for Bob to recover fully, so that he could walk our daughter down the aisle for her May 5th wedding.

Although it has taken me a while to write this note, the time has not lessened my appreciation for all that Global Rescue did for my family.


Terry Corbin