Fourteen-year-old and national champion alpine athlete Storm Klomhaus welcomed a different kind of challenge and traded in snow for sky in this week’s entry of “Global Rescue Members in Action.”  While training in New Zealand with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Team Academy, Storm took a jump of over 100 meters and proved that with courage and a spirit of adventure, almost anything is possible.  Read on for supportive words from parent Jaime Klomhaus.


“The picture is of our daughter, Storm Klomhaus. At the U16 Rocky/Central Junior Championships in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Storm won all four alpine ski races and received first place overall. She recently competed in the U16 National Championships in Park City, Utah.

“Storm was one of 12 alpine athletes invited to the newly formed USSA Team Academy two years ago based upon her performance in the National Championships in 2012.  We moved Storm away from home at 13 years old to live with a host family in Park City, Utah, in August 2012. She attends a private high school formed to provide academic and athletic opportunities for up-and-coming skiing and snowboarding athletes.  The kids travel all over the world to train and Storm travelled to New Zealand in August 2013 for a ski camp.

“While in New Zealand, the kids took a day off from training to go bungee jumping in Queenstown.  This is a picture of her jumping out of a cable car for a 134 meter plunge at 14 years of age.  She said it was terrifying to jump but, after the initial shock, she had a blast.   

“Storm travels all over the world in her pursuit to become a World Cup skier. Needless to say, Storm has a yearly membership with Global Rescue to help make mom and dad more comfortable with her activities abroad.”

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