Commitment to lifesaving mission is core to Global Rescue’s travel risk and crisis management success

Lebanon, N.H. – November 11, 2021 – In a year when record numbers of Americans were changing jobs, Global Rescue was among a select group of companies named one of the Best Places to Work in 2021 by Outside Magazine.

“Outside Magazine’s designation of Global Rescue as a best place to work is an honor for all of our employees. Outside Magazine’s best place to work distinction affirms the success of Global Rescue’s workplace culture and the tremendous impact of all of our employees who make the company a great place to work,” said CEO Dan Richards.

“To meet the sometimes extreme and diverse demands for success in the travel risk and crisis management industry, Global Rescue recruits and hires clear-minded, mission-focused individuals with specialized backgrounds in customer service, client relations, medical operations, aeromedical evacuation, rescue coordination, security, intelligence and crisis response,” said Stephanie Diamond, vice president of human capital management at Global Rescue.

“That combination of skills is typical among the EMS first responders and military special forces veterans including former Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and Defense Intelligence Agency personnel who work at Global Rescue. It is that same commitment to mission success that permeates the entire company,” she added.

“It is especially poignant that Global Rescue receive this recognition so close to Veterans Day given the number of veterans we employ,” said Scott Hume, Global Rescue’s vice president of operations and a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel.

The travel risk and crisis management industry is a place where many veterans have discovered a career opportunity requiring the total skill set of a special forces veteran that also blends the most desirable attributes of civilian and military work environments.

“Global Rescue’s business relies on established operational skills, significant practical and academic medical training experience, and executional excellence that aren’t readily available among most job-seekers unless the individual acquired those capabilities in the military,” said Harding Bush, a Global Rescue operations manager and retired Navy SEAL.

The travel risk and crisis management industry helps individuals, organizations and governments across a broad range of emergencies worldwide.

For example, Global Rescue evacuated a 62-year-old Montana woman with COVID-19 by air ambulance a few weeks ago from The Bahamas for treatment in Miami. When the pandemic began a year and a half ago, Global Rescue evacuated Olympic gold medal skier Kaitlyn Farrington out of China on the last flight out of the country. When civil unrest erupted in Nigeria, Global Rescue arranged for an armed security team to transport a U.K. businessman to the airport for a security evacuation flight home.

Each example required people trained and experienced in medical, security and intelligence skills. “Working with a great team on things that matter is incredibly rewarding,” Bush said. “It’s been a great fit for me.”

Veterans make up nearly 20% of the company roster, and they consistently make a tremendous contribution to the company’s rescue capabilities. Every day, they are involved in medical, security, crisis response and travel operations all over the globe to ensure Global Rescue’s members are safe and have a lifeline to help when they need it most.

About Global Rescue

Global Rescue is the world’s leading provider of medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services to enterprises, governments and individuals. Founded in 2004, Global Rescue has exclusive relationships with the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations and Elite Medical Group. Global Rescue provides best-in-class services that identify, monitor and respond to client medical and security crises. Global Rescue has provided medical and security support to its clients, including Fortune 500 companies, governments and academic institutions, during every globally significant crisis of the last decade. For more information, visit

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