The Transfer Snowboard Mag guys discovered this gem of a service while planning a pretty amazing but extreme snowboarding trip. It sounded almost too good to be true, for a very reasonable cost you can secure a rescue service that will literally save you in any medical – or security – emergency.

The right travel insurance is the most vital item on a snow holiday checklist. Just imagine breaking a leg off piste somewhere in the European Alps and having to choose between somehow getting yourself back on the groomers before calling ski patrol or forking out for a backcountry rescue because your insurance doesn’t cover off piste skiing.

Travel insurance doesn’t favour the adventurous, and that’s not just in the snowsports world. If you bother to read the insurance policy fine print you’ll find the ‘won’t cover’ list is disturbingly filled with the kinds of activities you’re very likely to enjoy, some of which are hardly ‘extreme’ – sailing for instance.

Global Rescue is the genius idea filling the gap. It’s an indemnity policy for anyone who does anything more exciting on holidays than lying on beaches or taking bus tours – and even for those lazy-style holidays if you’re somewhere with a dubious medical system. Basically, a Global Rescue protection plan gives you guaranteed rescue from anywhere in the world and insures you receive good quality medical treatment.

So read how it works, watch the video and next time you’re heading off somewhere a little bit adventurous seriously consider a Global Rescue package – even if only because you’re superstitious and believe the more you prepare for the worst the less likely it is to happen! Note though, Global Rescue isn’t travel insurance, you still need a travel insurance policy for medical treatment, and for all those other things, lost luggage, stolen cameras, crashing your hire car into a Maserati…