Global Rescue protects corporate member from threats of kidnapping and terrorist activity

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October 6, 2009

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Members of Global Rescue’s security teams have returned from Burkina Faso after a successful mission to protect officers of an American multinational corporation against perceived threats from a suspected terrorist cell in West Africa.

The company received a request from a corporate client after one of its representatives assigned to the region made a compelling case to her employers that her life and security were in danger. Global Rescue immediately deployed a team of former Navy SEALs to Ouagadougou to lead a nine-day operation of counter-surveillance and close protection that involved local authorities.

Earlier in the year, a team of Canadian diplomats was kidnapped and held for ransom by terrorists in West Africa. The government of Burkina Faso was reportedly involved in brokering their release, a deal that is suspected to have involved a multi-million dollar
payment. Islamic terrorists are widely considered to be active in the area, profiting from and investing in the underground diamond trade.

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