Global Rescue sponsors school-building efforts in Haiti

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June 13, 2010

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When University of Masachusetts-Amherst doctoral candidate Holly Graham heard her Haitian colleague discussing the lack of schools in his earthquake-stricken country, she knew right away how she’d be spending her time off this summer.

Working alongside the Honor for Haiti Foundation, Graham has volunteered to bring donated computer equipment, clothes and other supplies to parts of the Haitian countryside. The foundation has purchased the land for two schools, and the volunteers will be building them “from the ground up,” Graham said.

Graham, whose doctoral work lies in the areas of linguistics and education, will be charged with the creation of a cyber café and will help design curricula and administrative infrastructure for the new schools.

Global Rescue is pleased to sponsor Graham’s efforts in Haiti, a country where the company’s medical and security teams were very active after the earthquake in January. Global Rescue teams evacuated more than 20 peoplefrom the country, including Haitians who had suffered life-threatening injuries. Its contracted aircraft also helped bring in relief workers from non-profit organization and supplies.

“I was so impressed with the work that Global Rescue did in Haiti immediately after the earthquake,” Graham said. “I remember following along updates and being impressed from afar at how quickly they reacted and the work that they did with such selfless urgency.

“This speaks to the kind of company that Global Rescue is. Instead of fearing the world, Global Rescue seeks out ways for people to see the world without fear. It is that exact sentiment that is necessary when working in Haiti. So as I go to start training teachers and investing time in rebuilding a school, I cannot help but connect my work to the vision of GR. I am truly humbled by this offer.”

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