Will security technology minimize global threats?
Are environmental policies a key to protecting destinations at risk?

Lebanon, N.H. April 28, 2022 – The next decade of travel will face new and familiar threats, but security advances may stem global impacts if leaders act together worldwide, according to travel risk expert Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue. National Travel and Tourism Week (May 1-7) is an important time to commit brainpower and resources to recognize probable threats and moderate their impact as the travel industry recovers from the worst of a pandemic.

The biggest threats to the future of travel in the next decade include things like war, pandemics, terrorism and natural disaster.

“Some leaders might think the COVID-19 pandemic is over and there’s no need to spend money to protect against a potential pandemic, but infectious disease outbreaks remain an existential threat in the future,” Richards said. Health security measures deployed in transportation hubs like airports and railway terminals are essential. “Adding pathogen scanners to the current array of metal detectors, backscatter x-ray machines, millimeter-wave scanners, and cabinet x-ray machines must be a top priority,” Richards said.

Technology exists today to identify pathogens that spread through the air. “We can use technology in transportation hubs to identify infectious disease outbreaks and take immediate action. That technology can be deployed in a way so the protocols don’t increase friction in travel,” he added.

Richards expects an increasing number of environmental restoration policies to surface that will improve access to key biodiversity areas in a sustainable way. “Implementing effective conservation refurbishment programs will take time, money and effort,” he said.

The rising cost of fuel, lodging and travel are silent threats that could make travel to some destinations unaffordable for many.

“These are all potential threats that could be mitigated if we put our minds and our resources into it,” he said.

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