For more than a decade, Global Rescue has provided the industry’s leading travel risk and crisis management solutions designed to meet legal duty of care requirements for organizations. We are the only integrated provider of medical, security, intelligence and staffing solutions to organizations with global exposure. Our services are scalable and customizable to the unique needs of our clients.


“When called into action during times of crisis, Global Rescue responds immediately. From the initial call to arrival at the scene, we know we are in good hands.  Global Rescue’s professional staff sets the standard for the industry.”

Michael J. Arrighi ,Chief Safety Officer ,Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar


“Global Rescue has always provided the epitome of outstanding customer service.  Global Rescue understands the issues with traveling overseas in less than stellar conditions.  On any number of occasions, Global Rescue has gone out of its way to meet the needs of MCC’s employees.”

Past Performance Report ,Millennium Challenge Corporation


Global Rescue offers integrated travel risk and crisis management solutions to corporations, governments, academic institutions and NGOs. Our integrated suite of services include:


  • Expert analysis and site assessments
  • Detailed reports on 215+ countries and principalities
  • Emergency Action and Evacuation Planning
  • Group-wide risk management protocols and policies
  • Training for all personnel
  • Integration of management staff to support your travel risk and crisis management program


  • Redundant Operation Centers and offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia – staffed 24/7
  • Always available medical and security personnel to advise clients and travelers worldwide
  • Global alerts for all significant events affecting travelers
  • GRID: A proprietary online tool to help keep track of travelers while abroad


  • Phone and email assistance from paramedics, nurses, physicians and military special operations veterans for any situation
  • Assistance services; including lost document support, cash advance, and legal referrals
  • Decision analysis and support from our expert staff; includes dedicated account management
  • Exclusive relationship with Johns Hopkins Medicine and over 200 international medical Centers of Excellence


  • Deployable medical personnel and former military special operations personnel
  • Boots-on-the ground response for large scale medical and security evacuations and extractions
  • Over 1,000 fixed and rotary wing aircraft under contract
  • Tailored solutions to address any problem


Destination Reports, Intelligence and Alerts

To keep you and your travelers prepared and informed, our intelligence teams publish detailed reports, real-time alerts and analyses on more than 215 countries and principalities. This means our clients always have the latest information on conditions and potential threats impacting their organizations around the globe.

See sample report


GRIDSM : Protect. Track. Communicate.

The Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery system or GRIDSM – is the world’s only integrated travel risk, asset tracking, intelligence delivery, and crisis response management platform. This one-of-a-kind system enables you to keep remote employees safe, informed, and connected, while meeting your Duty of Care obligations.

The GRIDSM system is comprised of two parts, the Individual Traveler Mobile App and the Desktop Administrator Control Center. Working together, these help companies protect, track, and communicate with remote employees.


GRIDSM   Individual Traveler Mobile App

  • Research medical and security risks by destination
  • Receive automatic Global Rescue Destination Reports at the time of booking
  • Active support and security alerts + analysis and advice
  • GPS “Check-ins” with real time location tracking
  • In-app communications both internally and with Global Rescue


GRIDSM   Desktop Administrator Control Center

  • Provides comprehensive situational awareness of global risks
  • Monitors real time global threat analysis with Event Alerts
  • Dynamic Global Risk Map identifies regions of increased risk
  • In-app messaging that allows direct contact with GRIDSM Mobile App users and mass messaging to the entire group at once


How is an Enterprise program different from the consumer memberships available on the Global Rescue website?

Global Rescue’s enterprise programs assist organizations in every industry, mitigating operational and financial risks associated with emergency medical and security events affecting their traveling employees. Our Travel Risk and Crisis Response solutions help organizations support their duty of care obligations and improve business continuity. We also provide permanent and semi-permanent medical, security and intelligence staff for our clients, anywhere in the world.

What services make Global Rescue unique in the industry?

Global Rescue set the standard for Travel Risk and Crisis Response. Global Rescue is the only fully integrated provider of organizational preplanning, travel intelligence services, traveler and asset tracking, medical response and evacuation services, security response and evacuation services, and crisis response services.

We provide all services in-house – led by critical-care paramedics and former Special Forces security personnel – and we are the only company to have a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine Division of Special Operations.

What does your client profile look like?

Global Rescue is the ideal partner for organizations of every industry and size.

Global Rescue supports enterprises across a wide range of industries, from small NGOs of a dozen travelers to large, multi-national corporations with hundreds of thousands of international travelers and expatriates, operating across the globe.

My organization already has a travel insurance policy or BTA in place. Why do I need Global Rescue?

Global Rescue’s Enterprise Travel Risk and Crisis Management programs are built to augment traditional travel insurance policies. With Global Rescue, your organization has a direct line to a worldwide team of medical and security experts, prepared to respond to your employees anywhere, anytime.

Is Global Rescue only for organizations that travel to remote or high risk regions?

As recent events show, incidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Global Rescue is designed to meet the needs of today’s globally mobile business traveler. From replacing a lost passport to providing medical referrals, Global Rescue is the solution to your organization’s travel assistance and emergency response needs.

How does Global Rescue help our organization communicate with and track our travelers?

Global Rescue’s Intelligence Delivery system allows organizations to communicate with their employees. Our travel tracking and event monitoring system allows organizations to contact and communicate with impacted employees with the push of a button.

The Global Rescue Mobile Application provides travelers with access to 24/7 two-way communication with both Global Rescue’s Operations Centers and your organization’s risk management team.