Global Rescue, the world’s leading integrated travel risk and crisis management company, has expanded its membership services to include local field rescue within 100 miles of home — as well as everywhere beyond 100 miles.





Zero Mileage Rescue Restrictions

The pandemic has curtailed travel and boosted local outdoor recreation, exploration and appreciation. In response, we’ve removed the requirement for you to be beyond 100 miles of your home for rescue services. Now Global Rescue is with you — locally or abroad — if you get ill or injured and are unable to get to safety on your own.

  • Member pricing remains the same.
  • If you are less than 100 miles away from home, Global Rescue’s service maximum is USD$15,000.
  • If you are more than 100 miles away from home, the service maximum remains USD $500,000.

Safe, Local Recreation

Global Rescue, founded in 2004, provides members help when they experience a medical or security emergency while away from home. Membership services include medical and security rescue and evacuation, intelligence and travel advisory, and general travel guidance. Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling, fishing or simply enjoying the outdoors, this enhanced service means you can count on us wherever you are.


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