The Travel Insurance You’re Looking For Isn’t Insurance
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You’ve booked your trip. Next up: travel protection. But you might be surprised to learn the limitations of travel insurance when it comes to evacuation and travel assistance.

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What Global Rescue Offers That Travel Insurance Does Not

  • Travel Assistance 24/7/365

    Travel Assistance 24/7/365

    Real-time help with destination health care systems, visa and passport issues, translation and more.

  • Evacuation and Advisory Services

    Evacuation and Advisory Services

    Transportation/repatriation for members requiring hospitalization to home hospital of choice. 

  • Worldwide Field Rescue

    Worldwide Field Rescue

    Rescue from the point of illness or injury, including COVID-19, to the nearest appropriate medical facility. 

  • Detailed Destination Reports

    Detailed Destination Reports

    Travel advisories and destination reports for 215 countries and principalities.

  • Real-Time Event Alerts

    Real-Time Event Alerts

    Up-to-date notifications on health and security events worldwide.

  • Global COVID-19 Transport

    Global COVID-19 Transport

    Field rescue and medical evacuation of COVID-19-infected members requiring hospitalization.

The Global Rescue Difference

Accident or injury. A lost passport. A positive COVID-19 test. When a travel emergency arises, traditional travel insurance won’t come to your aid, and a medical evacuation can cost up to $300,000.

This is how travel insurance and a Global Rescue membership differ. 

Travel insurance is designed to protect your wallet against trip interruption, lost or damaged luggage and medical emergencies. A Global Rescue membership protects you and your wallet in the event of a travel emergency requiring field rescue, medical evacuation and transport (including COVID-19). Unlike travel insurance, there are no claims to file, no deductibles or copays, and no reimbursements to request when you have a Global Rescue membership. Instead, a Global Rescue membership provides its services at no additional cost beyond your membership, which starts as low as $139.

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Global Rescue Offers

Field rescue, including COVID-19

We will send help if you are unable to get to a hospital and in urgent need of care. With no distance requirement, rescue services are available whether you’re close to home or on the other side of the world.

Hospital transport

If you do have to be hospitalized and you’re far from home, we have the proven capability to transport our members back to their home hospital of choice. This includes global COVID-19 transport.

Medical and security advisory services

Our operations centers are staffed by experienced nurses, paramedics and military special operations veterans.


Travel assistance

Whether it’s a language barrier during an emergency or a lost passport, Global Rescue travel assistance can help with unexpected issues.

In-house expertise

Speak to an in-house Global Rescue expert on the first call. Personalized communications, recommendations and responses continue until your emergency is resolved.

Destination reports and alerts

Travel advisories and destination reports for 215 countries and principalities, including daily COVID-related information as well as destination-specific risk assessments and restrictions.

COVID-19 Transport

Included in Global Rescue Memberships

Whether a traveler needs a COVID-19 screening and testing regimen for a trip or needs help finding a COVID-prepared health care facility, Global Rescue can provide assistance before, during and after travel. Should an emergency occur, our medical and security experts can fully coordinate all aspects from advisory to evacuation. We’ll be with you every step of the way: our advisory services continue until the member is brought home or gets better.


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