FAQs Part 1: “Do I have to be an American citizen to join Global Rescue?”

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August 29, 2014

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“Do I have to be an American citizen to join Global Rescue?” It’s one of the questions we hear often. We thought it would be helpful if we regularly highlighted a few of these frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with the answers. Here is the first post in the series.

Q: Do I have to be an American citizen to join Global Rescue?

A: Global Rescue membership is available to anyone, regardless of his or her country of citizenship. We have thousands of foreign national members who enjoy the exact same benefits as U.S. citizens.

Q: Why do I need Global Rescue when I have travel insurance?

A: Because no other service provides the resources, expertise and boots-on-the-ground capabilities of Global Rescue.  If you’re concerned about lost luggage, cancelled trip, or don’t have medical insurance, we are an excellent complement and improvement on standard travel insurance.  Global Rescue advises and helps manage your medical or security emergency while you areexperiencing it.  However, with travel insurance you must manage the emergency by yourself, and later submit receipts to get expenses reimbursed.

Global Rescue is a membership organization that provides medical, security, advisory, intelligence, and evacuation services for members who require inpatient hospitalization more than 160 miles from home. 

Members pay a flat membership fee up front, and all costs associated with advisory services or an evacuation from the point of injury or illness, to the home country hospital of choice (or home country, in the event of a security evacuation), are included in the cost of membership.  Since a Global Rescue membership is not insurance, there is no out of pocket payment or deductible. It should be noted that Global Rescue does not cover medical bills, trip cancellations, baggage loss, delayed flights, etc.

Q: Do you have restrictions on where I can travel? On elevation/altitude? On activities?

A: The standard Global Rescue membership is in effect anywhere other than the polar regions — below 60 degrees South latitude and above 80 degrees North latitude. We do not have altitude or activity restrictions for Global Rescue members. We strongly advise climbing members to educate themselves on preventing acute mountain sickness (AMS). It should be noted that helicopter options above 20,000 feet are limited and evacuations above 20,000 feet can be
time-consuming and difficult.

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