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Starting March 1, 2023, Global Rescue, the recognized world leader in the mountaineering and trekking community, offers the High-Altitude Evacuation Package, providing services to members who travel above 15,000 feet (4,600 meters) during any part of their trip (excluding airplane travel) and who require emergency transport due to injury or illness.

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High-altitude outdoor activity worldwide is reaching unprecedented heights of curiosity and participation and Global Rescue’s High-Altitude Evacuation Package supports the expanding interest with longer deployments of medical and rescue operations personnel in more regions.

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The only American to have climbed all 14 of the world’s 8,000+ meter peaks and the fifth person to do so without using supplemental oxygen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Global Rescue adding a High-Altitude Evacuation Package?

Participation in mountaineering, trekking and other high-altitude activities has seen rapid increases in recent years. Global Rescue will be expanding and enhancing its services for this community by increasing our capabilities to provide emergency services in more regions, committing to longer deployments of our medical operations personnel, and extending our in-field rescue operational durations. Global Rescue has already been the acknowledged leader for many years in the community. Implementing the High-Altitude Evacuation Package enables us to continue enhancing our current service capabilities for the climbing and trekking community worldwide. For example, we deploy operations professionals to Nepal during the climbing season and will be doing so for longer periods of time and in other locations popular with climbers.

Who needs a High-Altitude Evacuation upgrade?

A High-Altitude Evacuation Package should be purchased by any member planning to travel above 15,000 feet or 4,600 meters at any point during their trip, excluding airplane travel.

What does it cost to upgrade my Global Rescue membership to include High-Altitude Evacuation?

The High-Altitude Evacuation Package is $395 for an individual and $795 for a family. Members can upgrade any membership with the High-Altitude Evacuation Package regardless of type or duration. Multi-year memberships require adding the High-Altitude Evacuation Package for each year of the membership. Traditional insurance usually won’t rescue you at any altitude, and a medical evacuation can cost up to $300,000. The cost to our members with our High-Altitude Evacuation Package is zero.

Does this affect my current membership?

  •  Purchases made before 3/1/2023 with activations BY 12/31/2023 are eligible for services at any altitude without the need for purchasing the upgrade.
  •  Purchases made before 3/1/2023 with activations AFTER 12/31/2023 must purchase the upgrade to be eligible for high-altitude evacuation.

Call Global Rescue Member Services for further clarification – +1 (617) 459-4200

What if I purchase a Global Rescue membership after March 1, 2023 without a High-Altitude Evacuation Package and I need a field rescue and physical transport due to illness or injury?

If the member has traveled above 15,000 feet or 4,600 meters during their trip (excluding airplane travel), medical transport services will not be included in their standard Global Rescue membership. In this situation, the Global Rescue team is available to assist on a fee for service basis.

Can I purchase a High-Altitude Evacuation Package after I've already purchased a membership?

Yes, you can add a High-Altitude Evacuation Package to your membership by contacting our Member Services team. Please note, the High-Altitude Evacuation Package must be purchased before an illness or injury during a high-altitude trip has occurred.

What if I climb or trek above 15,000 feet or 4,600 meters, descend below the elevation threshold, and then need an emergency transport due to illness or injury?

If the member has traveled above 15,000 feet or 4,600 meters at any time during their trip (excluding airplane travel), field rescue will not be included in a standard Global Rescue membership that does not include the High-Altitude Evacuation Package. In this situation, the Global Rescue team is available to assist on a fee for service basis.

Does having the High-Altitude Evacuation Package mean that Global Rescue can rescue me by helicopter no matter what?

Altitudes above 23,000 feet (7,010 meters) place you outside the ability of most operating helicopters. It is also important to note that evacuations occurring at the top-end of safe operational altitudes are subject to pilot approval and weather conditions. Should you require evacuation above this elevation, Global Rescue will utilize available ground resources to perform the first part of your evacuation.