Event Summary

The Russian military is conducting a coordinated combined arms invasion of Ukraine. This level of conflict may entail unprecedented violence, with a combination of ground, tanks, artillery and cyber combat forces.

The government of Ukraine has imposed martial law throughout the entire country, and the army is attempting to control the overall situation. The specifics of martial law have not yet been given; martial law will include restrictions on movement and curfews. Civilians in violation of martial law will be arrested. Persons in Ukraine should take direction and guidance from the local authorities and absolutely avoid all areas of military activity.

There have been large explosions, likely missile strikes in the capital of Kyiv and other cities. Russian troops have reportedly entered Ukraine, including the southern port city of Odesa. The situation will continue to worsen as ground troops and armor moves into Ukrainian territory. The civilian population has not been targeted at this time.


Any opportunity to safely and efficiently depart Ukraine has passed. The air space is completely shut down to commercial and charter aviation. There is extremely heavy traffic on the roads west to Poland, Slovakia and Romania. A decision to travel by road could find long waits at the border crossings in winter conditions; be sure to have ample fuel, food, water and money. It is doubtful that any ground support security transportation will be available due to the mobilization of reserves and the martial law situation. A self-evacuation by road to the west is the only option and will entail significant risk.


All foreigners in Ukraine should register their presence in Ukraine with their home nation Embassy.

If you are stranded in Ukraine, you must shelter in place until you determine it is safe to move. The best shelter in place location is a building with a hardened structure and basement and stay away from windows. Continue to monitor reputable news and social media reports and information from local authorities.

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Cyber-attacks and communication/internet shutdowns are likely to occur as well. Persons in Ukraine should make written copies or screenshots of all significant contact phone numbers. Before traveling in Ukraine, let important contacts outside of Ukraine know your intended travel plans and include names and contact information of persons traveling with you and a description of the vehicle. Also, be very aware of the safety conditions along the travel route out of Ukraine.

All persons attempting to travel to any border country of Ukraine should have passports, appropriate visas and proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

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