Lebanon, N.H. – Attacks and counter-attacks between Iranian and U.S. forces have escalated tensions in the region and put Westerners—particularly U.S. nationals—traveling or working in the Persian Gulf region at risk of retaliatory attacks.

“Leaders of both countries appear to be stepping away from further escalation. Nevertheless, violence directed at Westerners by individuals or groups sympathetic to Iran is possible, particularly in the vicinity of demonstrations. Threats are especially acute for expatriates working for Western transnational companies that have operations in the Middle East, namely Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar,” said Global Rescue CEO Dan Richards.

Global Rescue, the world’s leading medical, security, evacuation, travel risk and crisis management services firm, issued an alert to its members detailing the circumstances, current conditions, anticipated threats, and providing advice to exercise extreme caution.

“If you’re planning to travel to the region you should weigh the risks carefully. If you’re in Iraq, the U.S. Department of State has advised all U.S. citizens to leave. If you’re already in the region outside of Iraq then you should ensure you have functional communications, avoid traveling alone, keep a low profile, stay away from all protests and demonstrations to minimize the risk of exposure to incidental violence, and if you encounter unrest then exit the area as quickly as possible or seek shelter until the situation stabilizes,” Richards said. “Airports in the region are currently operating. You should have a plan in place for departure should the situation warrant,” he added.

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