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April 2, 2021

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You’re not alone when you board that plane, train or ship. Your Global Rescue membership is backed by 16 years of travel crisis experience. Global Rescue members travel with a virtual team of experts: a doctor, a paramedic, a translator, a logistics expert, an intelligence analyst and a security advisor.

More Than a Card

Behind every membership, there are Global Rescue professionals ready to help you travel better and safer — before, during and after a trip.

Global Rescue operations centers are staffed by experienced physicians, nurses, paramedics and military special operations veterans. Team members have experience with hazardous environments, peacekeeping operations, Himalayan expeditions, protection services as well as wilderness skills, crisis response training and medical evacuations.

It’s like having your own protective detail on standby, prepared to help when you need medical or security advice or a field rescue.

That protection is tailored to member needs and available for a spectrum of travel issues: lost passports to broken bones to sudden coronavirus lockdowns.

You may not need the entire team at once, but they are there, at the ready, for Global Rescue members.

Whether you are traveling with family or traveling on business, here’s how each Global Rescue expert can help during your trip.

Intelligence Analyst

Global Rescue has a team of intelligence experts researching travel destinations and tracking possible risks 24/7. Your Global Rescue membership gives you access to a wealth of data — through the app, online or with one phone call — to help you plan your travel.

Even after you’ve researched and selected your destination, Global Rescue keeps travel risk information at your fingertips. You can set up real-time alerts to keep you apprised of any health or safety issues while you are on your trip.

“To keep travelers prepared and informed, the Global Rescue intelligence team publishes detailed reports, real-time alerts and analyses on more than 217 countries and principalities,” said Melanie Goldberg, senior intelligence analyst at Global Rescue. “This means members always have the latest information on conditions and potential threats around the globe.” 



It can be frightening to lose a passport or visit a doctor in a country where you don’t speak the language. Global Rescue members can call operations 24/7/365 for translation help. Our experts set up a conference call with the member and an interpreter or translators fluent in more than 160 languages.

When registered nurse Linda Quinn was on a month-long trip in Europe, she called Global Rescue to help her communicate with medical providers.

“For kind of an everyday thing you could handle easily at home, I was so impressed how helpful Global Rescue was when you’re in a country where there is a language barrier,” Quinn said.


It might be what you pictured when you signed up for a Global Rescue membership: a helicopter bringing a paramedic to your remote location and providing a field rescue from the point of illness or injury. This is what Global Rescue is known for: worldwide field rescue, medical evacuation to a home hospital and a paramedic by your side every step of the way.

Not every call results in a helicopter rescue. Sometimes you just need to ask a question about a symptom, get a recommendation for the best and nearest health care facility or have someone review the medical advice you received in a foreign country. A membership can have your back in many different ways.


If you have a TotalCare membership, you’ll be able to request an urgent care consultation at any time. Your request is answered by an in-house Global Rescue operations team member and then you will be placed into a live video conference with a board certified, licensed doctor from Elite Medical Group (EMG).


Logistics Expert

The analytical and methodical side of your brain may not be functioning at full capacity when you are ill, injured or scared. That’s when a Global Rescue membership can help. Our in-house operations teams have organized, planned and executed thousands of successful missions.

“When I became unwell on my recent expedition and required evacuation from base camp, Global Rescue worked seamlessly with my expedition company to arrange everything,” said Global Rescue member Sophie Turner, who called Global Rescue while climbing Aconcagua. “As the patient and client, I did not feel any stress or concern over my well-being as everything was coordinated very quickly and smoothly. I felt extremely well supported by Global Rescue.”

It’s one of the benefits of having experienced military veterans on the other end of the phone. The operations team maps out Plan A, but also has a Plan B, C and D prepared in case the bridge is closed, the airport is shut down or major thoroughfares are gridlocked. When you’re ill or injured, Global Rescue can worry about the “what ifs” of your travel.

Security Advisor

Access to a crisis management team comes with each membership. If there’s a natural disaster, terror attack or civil unrest, one call, email or in-app message will put you in touch with Global Rescue’s operations personnel. You can be confident that the team, with years of military special operations expertise, will provide the best advice for your situation from identifying the safest shelter or the best path for an extraction.

This service is available for individual members as well as enterprise clients. Harding Bush, associate manager of operations at Global Rescue, shares an example. As part of Global Rescue’s consulting service, he provided a proactive threat/vulnerability assessment for a large call center in Texas.

“The company had an alternative site in case of an emergency, like a hurricane, but hadn’t developed a realistic plan,” he said. “They were unable to answer questions like how do you get people there? If they work from home, what happens when the power goes out? Then how do you get everyone back to work after the hurricane? How do you re-establish the business?”

Whether you’re traveling close to home or overseas, you’ll have peace of mind that every trip will be a safer trip with a Global Rescue membership.

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