Global Rescue provides clients with the world’s leading medical, security, evacuation, travel risk and crisis management services.

When it comes to managing a COVID crisis, our services are customizable to meet the unique needs of each agency, destination, tour operator, guide service or travel company. Whether a traveler needs a COVID-19 screening and testing regimen for a trip or needs help finding a COVID-prepared health care facility, Global Rescue can provide assistance before, during and after travel.

Should an emergency occur, our medical and security experts can fully coordinate all aspects from advisory to evacuation, allowing travel companies to focus on delivering the best possible experience for their guests. Here’s what we provide at every stage of a traveler’s journey.



Site Assessment

Let us further expand your research and planning. Our experts have vetted local hospitals and medical facilities to ensure travelers have immediate access to care should they need it. Our experts have also researched transportation infrastructure and identified air ambulance services to transport COVID-19 patients.

Destination Reports

Up-to-date travel information is always at your fingertips. Our partners have unlimited access to travel advisories and destination reports for 215 countries and principalities, including daily COVID-19-related information as well as destination-specific risk assessments and restrictions.

Action Plan Creation

No emergency action plan in place? Our teams of paramedics, senior military intelligence and Special Forces veterans can provide assistance updating existing protocols and implementing new procedures to address COVID-19 risks.

Actions Plans may include:

  • Full audit of existing company plans, standard operating procedures, contingencies and emergency action plans
  • Assessment of needs, threats, risk level and vulnerabilities with key personnel
  • Expert support in drafting and operationalizing plans
  • Creation of tabletop exercises and online training modules for staff


Client Profiles

Track travel history, medical conditions and test results in one secure location. Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery System (GRIDSM), a proprietary journey management platform designed to store critical traveler information, automates the creation and retention of client profiles.

Travel Alerts

Make informed decisions with research from our intelligence experts. GRIDSM continuously monitors changing border restrictions, fluctuating destination conditions and shifting traveler rules — providing real-time situational awareness to both operators and travelers.

Traveler Location

Know where clients are — and keep them safe — from booking to the return home. With user opt-in, the GRIDSM platform can monitor traveler location in real time through GPS tracking and match profiles to potential threats.


Shareable Data

If destinations request proof of vaccination or test results, GRIDSM data can be shared with industry stakeholders, relevant levels of local, state or federal governments and other required organizations.

Global Telehealth

Don’t risk being infected or infecting others with a trip to a health care facility. TotalCareSM telehealth provides traveler access to doctors for real-time diagnosis and treatment from anywhere.


Should a COVID-19 or other medical or security situation arise, our world-class deployment capabilities will support your company’s emergency action plans. This includes:

  • Medical assessment, triage and testing for symptomatic travelers and staff
  • Staffing for triage and disposition facilities with medical and security personnel and equipment
  • Coordination and management of all ground and air medical evacuations for COVID-19 positive travelers
  • Collection and tracking of data for COVID-19 positive travelers from diagnosis through repatriation
  • Coordination of hospital admission
  • Management of ground and aviation transportation to quarantine locations, hospital/isolation facilities or travel home. If a member is restricted from travel, we provide advisory services including medical and security guidance and referral, coordination and transmission of medical records, and assistance navigating travel options.
  • Provision of hotel or other housing resources to accommodate quarantine for travelers suffering minor COVID-19 symptoms (but not requiring hospitalization) or are not infected but subject to quarantine
  • Ongoing advisory services until the member is brought home or gets better
Given how remote we were and in a world with COVID-19 and so many constantly changing travel restrictions, the fact that we got back home to the U.S. at all, in my mind, is a miracle. We were really thankful to have Global Rescue.

Zach Cann, father of two from Chandler, Arizona

Global Rescue gave us hope that no matter what, we were going to get out of China. They also provided us with information about the virus that we were not getting anywhere else.

Kaitlyn Farrington, snowboarder from Salt Lake City, Utah

If you feel like you’re alone and trapped, having somebody – like Global Rescue – who knows where you are, brings huge peace of mind.

David Burg of SASS Global Travel in Walnut, California

With crisis management and travel risk a critical focus during COVID-19, our collaboration with our member and strategic partner, Global Rescue, has been invaluable.

World Travel & Tourism Council


Wondering who we’ve helped? Our quarterly mission briefs provide an overview of our medical and security operations during the pandemic.

March 2020

Students in Australia, a family in China

May 2020

Employees in Buenos Aires; travelers in Italy, France and Russia

June 2020

Climber in Montana

January 2021

Travelers in Mexico and Saudi Arabia

June 2021

Injured child in New Guinea

October 2021

COVID-19 positive transport from The Bahamas

The Global Rescue Mobile App is designed for operation on the current versions of Android and iOS operating systems. Availability of services is subject to your equipment compatibility, connectivity and signal in your location. There is no guarantee that all features and functionality will be available in your location. Use and availability of the Mobile App is subject to your service provider’s plan and may be subject to additional fees from your provider. Please review the Member Services Agreement for terms conditions and restrictions that apply.


Global Rescue LLC provides technical and administrative services to Elite Medical Group, P.C. (“Elite Medical”), a professional corporation owned by licensed physicians that employs or contracts with physicians licensed to practice medicine where medical services are provided. Elite Medical physicians provide all medical care accessed via the Totalcare telehealth service and all associated fees are established and collected by Elite Medical. Elite Medical reserves the right to deny care for potential or actual misuse of their services.