Global Rescue provides transport and evacuation services to individuals with COVID-19 and has done so continuously since the beginning of the pandemic.


This includes field rescue and medical evacuation of COVID-19-infected members requiring hospitalization, review of care from our in-house staff of physicians, locating testing facilities and advisory services regarding quarantine and fluctuating border closures.


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Worldwide Field Rescue

If you are ill and unable to get to the nearest appropriate medical facility on your own, we transport you by any means possible (ground, air or sea) to the nearest medical facility capable of diagnosing and treating you.

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Medical Review of Care

Our in-house physicians monitor your treatment to ensure your care is up to the highest standards.

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Medical Evacuation

If you are hospitalized, we will transport you to the home country hospital of your choice in accordance with all applicable government regulations.

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Advisory Services

Get answers and guidance for concerns and decreasing risk related to COVID-19 while you travel.

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Testing Locations

If you need to be tested during travel, we help travelers find medical facilities capable of testing for COVID-19.

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Addition of Travel Insurance

The addition of travel insurance covers the cost of hospital services up to $100,000 for sudden illness, including COVID-19.

“We used to use the word ‘rescue’ somewhat lightly. I will never do that again because it has such significant meaning. Global Rescue gave me hope that I would have my life back.”  

—Dolly Webster, a 62-year-old Montana resident who required treatment after contracting COVID-19 during a fly fishing trip in the Bahamas, was evacuated by air ambulance to a higher level of care hospital in the U.S. 
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“I had never been this sick in my life. I felt like I was close to death, like my soul was leaving my body. Then the Sherpa came to my tent and said ‘Global Rescue is here. It’s time to go.’ I wanted to cry with relief.”

—Yandy Nuñez Martinez, a 33-year-old mountaineer from Cuba who had fallen ill and tested positive for COVID-19 after attempting to summit Mount Everest
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“Given how remote we were and in a world with COVID-19 and so many constantly changing travel restrictions, the fact that we got back home to the U.S. at all, in my mind, is a miracle. We were really thankful to have Global Rescue.”

—Zach Cann, a father from Arizona on how Global Rescue was able to cut through governmental red tape related to quarantine to speed up the family’s return from Papua New Guinea to a higher level of care for his injured son
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 “Global Rescue gave us hope that no matter what, we were going to get out of China. They also provided us with information about the virus that we were not getting anywhere else.”  

—Kaitlyn Farrington, a snowboarder from Salt Lake City, Utah, on how Global Rescue got her on one of the last flights out of China at the beginning of the pandemic
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Travel Weekly awarded two consecutive Magellan Awards in 2020 and 2021 to Global Rescue for its coronavirus intelligence services.

“Everyone is looking for helpful, educational, straight talk about the pandemic and its impact on the industry and travelers,” said Kent Webber, senior manager of Intelligence Services at Global Rescue. “Global Rescue’s daily reports and blog series are the fastest, most effective ways to channel our expertise and share the information.”

Two Magellan Awards logos. One for 2020 Silver Award. One for 2021 Gold Award