Flight interruptions and rising travel costs are making news headlines, but travel statistics show it’s not impacting travel plans as severely as you might think.  

U.S. airline travelers are returning to the skies at near pre-pandemic levels, according to the TSA. Road trips set records despite high gas prices, reported AAA. According to the Global Rescue Travel Safety and Sentiment Survey, most travelers (79%) report inflation won’t change their plans.  

Whether you’re traveling near or far, nobody wants to imagine a medical or security travel emergency. But when the unexpected happens, you want the team of medical and security experts at Global Rescue to be there for you.  

Whether you’re a leisure or business traveler or an extreme adventurer, we deliver when it matters most. Global Rescue has answered the needs of travelers at home and abroad without any disruption of service since 2004. In a typical 30-day period, Global Rescue executes hundreds of operations in dozens of countries and principalities. Below are highlights from some of our most recent operations in various locations. 

Hernia in Canada

A Newport Beach (USA) member was in Dean River, British Columbia suffering from a hernia with severe visceral pain that was radiating to his groin. Global Rescue medical operations was contacted and, after concurring with the local physician, a helicopter medical evacuation to a medical facility 232 nautical miles away was initiated due to the seriousness of the member’s pain level, the unknown etiology and unpredictability of the unstable hernia, and remoteness of the area. Medical staff were able to reduce the hernia and lower the member’s pain level but the facility lacked appropriate diagnostic equipment and further treatment capabilities. The member was transported by air ambulance to support medical recommendation for a “lay-flat” transport to a Seattle, Washington hospital for emergency surgery. Medical staff discharged the member a few days after the surgery and arranged his flight home to continue his recovery.  

skiing in switzeland with Matterhorn in the background

Torn Ligaments in Switzerland

Skiing in Switzerland sounds like a wonderful activity, at least until the unexpected occurs. That’s what happened to a Colorado teenager who tore ligaments in his right foot while skiing. Fortunately, he was quickly transported to an emergency medical facility for immediate care, and a follow-up visit later. He suffered no other injuries and was scheduled to fly back to the United States. Global Rescue medical operations managed a request to arrange for wheelchair assistance for the young man for his return flight as well as an upgraded seat to keep his leg elevated. The member successfully returned home where he continues his recovery. 

Medevac in Anguilla

The Valley is the capital of Anguilla, a Caribbean Island known for its colonial buildings and panoramic coastal views. But for a U.S. member it’s where “Oh, wow!” turned to “Oh, no!” Global Rescue medical operations was contacted by the member who was experiencing left upper and lower extremity paralysis. Physicians at the local hospital recommended medical transport to a Houston, Texas medical center. Global Rescue’s medical team concurred and arranged air ambulance transport with a trained medical crew in case of deterioration due to the member’s prior neurosurgical history. The member was transported successfully and admitted to the hospital for treatment.   

two people mountain biking in Kyrgyzstan

Bike Accident in Kyrgyzstan

A member from Australia contacted Global Rescue requesting assistance after a bicycling event. He was suffering from lower extremity swelling and shortness of breath in Sarybulak, Kyrgyzstan. Due to the severity and urgency of his condition, Global Rescue arranged immediate ground transport to the nearest medical facility. The member was admitted to a local medical facility for a battery of diagnostic tests including ECG, heart ultrasound and lab work. All findings were within normal limits, except for his liver enzymes which were three times above normal. The member was stable, had no contraindication for commercial air travel, and was released from the hospital with a treatment plan. The member remained in his rental apartment to rest while waiting for a scheduled flight home. 

Severe Allergy Emergency in Switzerland

A Global Rescue member and a member of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team was in Switzerland when she suffered an allergic reaction while on a ski trip. Global Rescue was contacted and notified that the member was exhibiting life-threatening symptoms. An emergency ambulance was dispatched and immediately brought the member to a local hospital for emergency treatment. She recovered immediately following treatment and was subsequently discharged.